The 600 Nouns curriculum is an example of couse materials designed to teach a single component of English.  Nouns are at the lowest level of the English skills pyrimid - the ability to use nouns is fundamental.   Students won't learn English converation or reading from this curriculum alone, but they they will learn critical English vocabulary.

These lessons are designed to be easy; easy for teachers to teach and easy for students to learn. Four sequential courses provide a smooth ramp for EFL students, culminating in a vocabulary of over 600 useful words in 28 categories, from "Animals" to "Workers".  The NOUNS curricrulum currently has 4 levels with 28 lessons in each level, resulting in 112 lessons in the complete curriculum.


All lessons in the 600 NOUNS curriculum have matching online word games called “Noun Town”.   These games reinforce vocabulary covered in the traditional lessons.  Games on the California Accent for Kids website can be played on cell phones, so students can learn at home or while riding in the car.  Go to kids.california-accent.com


The 600 NOUNS curriculum has 4 courses that loosely corespond to the prathom system (P3 - P6).  All courses have 28 lessons.  Each lesson has 5 - 6 pages.

NOUNS Level 3

NOUNS Level 4

NOUNS Level 5

NOUNS Level 6


600 Nouns Curriculum